7 Top of the Funnel (TOFU) Content Ideas

7 Top of the Funnel (TOFU) Content Ideas

Mar 15, 2024

Well, creating content for LinkedIn isn’t just about posting random content or experiences you have had throughout. It’s about your content must reach the right audiences so that you can reach the goals you set for yourself from LinkedIn. It’s crucial to attract new people into your funnels so as to increase your conversion rates and chances of winning on LinkedIn.

These potential customers are at the initial stages of their buying journey, often just becoming aware of their problems or potential solutions. Engaging these users effectively requires not just any content but the right type of LinkedIn content that educates, informs, and intrigues them. 

In this article, we will discuss in detail the meaning of top-of-the-funnel audiences and what kind of content helps you reach them in detail so that you can get your content strategy right.

What is top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) marketing?

Well, TOFU is the place where the user/individual goes from being problem-unaware to problem-aware. It's your opportunity to cast a wide net, capturing as many leads as possible by sparking interest and building awareness. The content you create here should be in alignment with what they are already doing or facing in their life but haven’t given much attention to the problem before. Success at this stage demands a strategic approach, focusing on content that resonates with a broad audience yet is compelling enough to engage them further and also to set up the stage for the middle-of-the-funnel and bottom-of-the-funnel content.

Now let’s go ahead and discuss 7 content ideas along with examples to attract more leads/audiences to the top of your funnel:

  1. Industry Insights and Trends

Well, getting industry insights and trends is a great way to reach new and diversified audiences who may have an interest in the topics you share. When you talk about industry insights, you not only attract new people to follow your journey but also establish yourself as a thought leader in the domain/niche. Whether it's a breakthrough technology, a shift in consumer behavior, or regulatory changes, keeping your audience informed makes your LinkedIn page a go-to destination for relevant information.

Another important thing to remember is to avoid hopping on generic or pop culture trends (until it’s related to your business), as it may attract shallow audiences and dead followers who may neither engage with your content in the future nor let you reach your goal.

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  1. Highlight people’s mistakes and the solutions. 

Well, let’s admit it—humans are afraid of making mistakes or at least trying to minimize them as much as possible. So, when you highlight the mistakes people often make or problems that might have gone unnoticed, you attract their attention. When you suggest solutions to those problems, you establish yourself as an authority, and the chances of them continuing to follow you increase multifold. Hence, highlighting mistakes and offering solutions can be a great content pillar for your LinkedIn growth.

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  1. Share Unpopular Opinions

Based on human psychology, contradictions or lesser-known ideas always tend to gain your attention. The simple reason is the scarcity or limited number of people knowing it. So, when you contract or share an unpopular opinion, you not only gain the desired attention but also attract a lot of engagement in terms of comments where people share their opinions and host debates about your idea and also reshare if they resonate with it or have a different opinion which drastically increases your reach helping you grab more eyeballs and increasing the size of your top of the funnel.

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  1. Quick and Easy to implement tips

Sharing easy-to-implement tips and quick fixes always helps as people gain immediate value without putting in too much effort from their end. When they find your content easily implementable, they continue to follow your journey and the value you bring to their lives. In fact, you can use infographics to share these quick tips as they give you more screen space and have higher chances of attracting attention and giving you deserved visibility, making them a powerful tool for attracting TOFU audiences. They are perfect for summarizing research findings, explaining industry processes, or highlighting important statistics.

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  1. Interactive polls

LinkedIn's interactive features, like polls and quizzes, offer an engaging way to stimulate conversation and gather valuable insights from your audience. You can use these tools to understand your audience’s opinions on industry topics better and understand what they really wish to learn from you, test knowledge, or simply encourage participation. Interactive content boosts engagement and fosters a sense of community among your followers.

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  1. Share data-backed posts

Always consider adding data to your content, especially the hook, aka the first sentence of the post showing the growth from one point to another. While scrolling, people often skim through the content, and when they see numbers being added to the content, it sparks curiosity, especially if they are also looking for similar solutions. Hence, try including as much data possible to your content to make it look authentic and establish trust. Also, cite the resources you’ve used or shared the data from.

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  1. Inspirational Success stories

Everyone loves a success story. Sharing case studies or stories of how individuals or businesses overcame challenges and achieved their goals can be highly motivating. These stories humanize your brand and demonstrate the real-world impact of your products or services, making your solutions more relatable and desirable to potential customers.

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  1. In conclusion

As we conclude this blog, an important reminder for you is that creating content for the top of the sales funnel on LinkedIn is about more than just capturing attention; it's about starting conversations, building relationships, and setting the stage for deeper engagement. By incorporating these 7 content ideas into your LinkedIn strategy, you can effectively reach and resonate with your target audience, paving the way for them to journey further down the funnel. Remember, the goal is not just to attract but to engage and educate, providing value every step of the way. SocialSense can be your support system in navigating your content needs across different levels of your funnel.

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