7 Proven LinkedIn Content Formats to Drive Engagement in 2024

7 Proven LinkedIn Content Formats to Drive Engagement in 2024

Mar 15, 2024

In the bustling digital corridors of LinkedIn, standing out requires more than just showing up; it demands engagement, creativity, and a bit of strategy. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or a fresh entrepreneur, understanding the dynamics of content engagement on this platform can drastically change the game for you.  So, let's dive into seven LinkedIn content formats that are guaranteed to boost your engagement, sprinkled with content ideas for LinkedIn, content creation tips, and a nod towards AI content creation and content repurposing for that extra edge.

Industry Insights Backed with Data

Nothing grabs attention like hard-hitting facts and figures. Sharing industry insights backed with data not only positions you as a thought leader but also provides immense value to your audience. With features like the SocialSense Content Inspiration section, finding engaging data-driven content ideas becomes a breeze, offering a library of over 10 million content inspirations. Example: An infographic showing the latest trends in digital marketing, citing growth percentages and future predictions. 

Post Credit: Sam G. Winsbury - View Post

In this post, Sam G. Winsbury has inserted numbers and data to share his insights on how he drives the growth along with the screenshot to make it look authentic.

Personal Stories and Experiences

Authenticity never goes out of style. Sharing personal stories and experiences invites your audience into your world, building a deeper connection. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a win or a failure; the learning, experiences, and stories always drive the maximum interest and engagement. 

Example: A post detailing your journey of transitioning careers, the challenges faced, and the lessons learned. It's relatable, inspiring, and, above all, human.

View Post by Sahil Bloom

Here, Sahil talks about his 15 life lessons that can make people millions based on his personal experiences and frameworks that worked in his favor. This gets the audience interested in his ideas and perspectives to achieve results similar to Sahil's.

Carousel Posts

Carousel posts allow you to pack a punch with multiple images or slides, perfect for storytelling or breaking down complex information. Carousals help you gain more screen space to grab more attention. With the easy-to-use SocialSense Carousel Builder, creating visually appealing carousels is as simple as pie. 

Example: A carousel post dissecting the steps to launch a successful digital campaign, where each slide highlights a different phase, complete with tips and tricks.

Post Credit: Jasmin Alić - View Post

In this post, Jasmin has shared a visual breakdown of what you can do to attract more engagement and eyeballs to your content. The visual element makes it easy to understand and remember.

Case Studies and Breakdowns

People love stories, especially ones that come with a learning curve. Sharing case studies or breakdowns of projects or campaigns provides real-world proof of concepts and strategies. It can include sharing your or other’s journey and highlighting your takeaways from them. This works well because people connect with people and stories, especially the ones they look up to.

Example: Aditya Arora - View Post

Here, Aditya shares a detailed business case study about “PriyaGold” and how they beat the giant Parle G. Such case studies provide detailed approaches and insights into complex business components and suggest new ideas and techniques. 

Sharing the Lesser Talked Topics and Unpopular Opinions

Dare to delve into topics that are often brushed under the carpet. Addressing the lesser talked about issues or sharing insights on niche topics can spark curiosity and engagement. People are curious to read unpopular opinions about familiar topics and see how they differ from what they believe. This in fact, is a great way to spark conversation in the comments and drive engagement.  

Example: A post exploring the psychological impact of remote working, offering a fresh perspective on a common topic

Actionable Points and Checklists:

Everyone appreciates content they can directly apply or benefit from. Providing actionable points or checklists makes your content engaging and immensely valuable. In fact, such checklists improve your chances of resharing and saving, hence attracting more eyeballs and impressions to your content, as people may consider revisiting it often.

Example: A checklist post for small business owners on optimizing their LinkedIn profiles for greater visibility, complete with actionable steps.

Tweet Styled Post

Sometimes, less is more. A tweet-styled post, brief and to the point, can capture attention amidst the noise. With such a short attention span, tweet posts hit the right mark as the conversation is struck in a few words. This is a low-effort, high-reward way of creating content.

Example: Justin Welsh - View Post

Here, Justin talks about stagnation in life. In a couple of sentences, he said something most people resonate with, which drives conversations and new ideas in DMs.

5 Tips to Make Your Content More Readable

When crafting content for LinkedIn, making your posts more readable enhances engagement and ensures your message is clearly understood. Here are five tips to elevate the readability of your LinkedIn content:

1. Use Simple Language: 

Steer clear of jargon and complex vocabulary. Simple language makes your content accessible to a broader audience. This is especially crucial in AI content creation, where the goal is to convey sophisticated ideas in an easy-to-digest manner. For instance, instead of "utilize," use "use."

2. Break Text into Short Paragraphs: 

Large blocks of text can be daunting. Breaking your content into shorter paragraphs helps maintain the reader's attention and facilitates easier reading on digital screens. This approach is beneficial for all types of content creation on LinkedIn, including articles and carousel posts, making the information more consumable.

3. Incorporate Bullet Points and Lists: 

Lists and bullet points organize information clearly, making scanning and retaining key points easy for readers. This is particularly effective for actionable points and checklists, where clarity is paramount. For example, outlining steps to repurpose content can significantly improve the user's understanding and implementation.

4. Add Subheadings to Structure Your Content: 

Subheadings help readers navigate through your post, especially in longer pieces like case studies and industry insights. They act as signposts, guiding the reader through your content and highlighting the main points. This structure is crucial in content repurposing, where you aim to give existing ideas a new angle or presentation.

5. Include Visuals to Break Up Text:

Images, infographics, and videos can significantly enhance engagement, breaking up text and adding an illustrative element to your points. Features like SocialSense’s Carousel Builder can help create visually appealing and informative carousel posts, making complex ideas more accessible and engaging.

Incorporating these tips will dramatically improve the readability of your LinkedIn content to make your ideas resonate with and captivate your audience. Remember, the goal of content creation, especially if you are leveraging AI content creation tools, is to communicate effectively and engagingly. By incorporating these tips, your LinkedIn content will become more readable and more engaging.


Well, navigating the content creation on LinkedIn can become tricky. You can significantly increase your engagement with the right content formats, such as industry insights, personal stories, carousels, and case studies. Platforms like SocialSense can amplify your content creation process, providing inspiration and simplifying the design process. 

Remember, at the heart of every post should be the aim to provide value, spark curiosity, and invite interaction. Whether it's through leveraging AI content creation for fresh ideas or diving into the vast ocean of content repurposing, the goal is to make your mark on LinkedIn, one engaging post at a time. Also, don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.